Disturbing Weekends

My daughter has been living in a group home for 2 years with 4 other young adults who have autism. They all require significant supports in the day-to-day functions of life and are totally dependent on their staff for transportation and organization of activities and entertainment. I have been trying to leave her at the house for a few weekends so that she can do more things with people her age and energy level. Every time I do, though, I find out that they did not actually do the activities that were written on the schedule. If it is raining or snowing or cold or in any way difficult weather, the staff decides that they cannot go out and so they hang around the house.

This would be unhealthy for any young person but for these young people it can be devastating. They need activity; organized, predictable activity, or they can get very anxious and display their anxieties in some frightening behavior. Today when I called the house I found that this very scenario had indeed happened. There were no regular, trusted supervisory staff on hand to make sure the activities were actually done and they were trapped in the house all day. Aggressive behavior was reported.

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