The humor in it all

I have been looking at other autism related blogs recently and I see that some are ranting, some are informative and some are meant to share the humor in it all. I particularly like these funny ones because as you go along raising your child you find that they are very funny and if you cant see the humor, however black, you will spiral so far down you will want to end it all.

Last night I was at a fundraiser with many other parents and as usual we starting trying to one-up each other with funny and mostly embarrassing stores about our children behaving poorly in public.

One of the most common relates to toilet training. It is often difficult to toilet train your child with autism and there are many and varied methods. These kids tend to be very literal and concrete and sometimes have difficulty distinguishing between various social situations.

We are at a big box hardware store like Lowe’s or Home Depot and there are large displays of many different construction items. This is a favorite evening or weekend destination for a rainy day activity. We are looking for the RESTROOM sign when my daughter spies the toilets on display, runs over as fast as a cheetah and before you can say “Not there, sweetie”,  she is pulling down her pants to sit on the display. Now I was able to redirect her that time but I have heard this story told so many times by many parents who were not so lucky…Do we walk away and leave the store quickly and pretend it never happened? How embarrassed are we?

I hope that I can continue to share the humorous as well as the unfair in this blog. Please try to laugh with me.

2 thoughts on “The humor in it all

  1. I share the humor with you . I always say, if I don’t laugh about it I will cry and I would rather laugh. So here I am, a mom with two boys, one with Aspergers and one with Epilepsy and every day we find a way to laugh about it.

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