This post, from Diary of a Mom, beautifully illustrates how well we speak about doing what is right and how poorly we as a society execute those ideals.

a diary of a mom


In yesterday’s post, I made reference to an article that I read recentlyabout a Sheriff in Cook County Illinois. The Sheriff, Tom Dart is threatening to sue state and local government officials. Why? Because, according to the article. “the county jail is so overwhelmed with people whose offenses are more attributable to mental health issues than criminal impulses that the facility has become a source of mental health care for the city, and he’s sick of it.”

Dart says that the system “is so screwed up that [he’s] become the largest mental health provider in the state of Illinois.”

The article goes on to say that “of the 11,000 prisoners detained at Cook County Jail at any given time, Dart estimates that about 2,000 suffer from a serious form of mental illness. At an estimated cost of about $143 per detainee per day, the overflow from the…

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